2020 KCSFE Scholarship Is Now Open!

EQUITY, DIVERSITY, and INCLUSION (EDI)                                       

The Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation of Edmonton (KCSFE) provides scholarships to foster the education and the growth of future leaders of Alberta communities. KCSFE scholarships are not limited to the Korean Canadian students, but open to all high school and post‐secondary students in Northern Alberta.

The KCSFE promotes diversity and equality for all those in the Korean-Canadian community as well as all of those in the wider community as well, and is designed to be inclusive of all who wish to apply regardless of background, ethnicity, religion, faith, culture or gender or sexual orientation. This mindset builds a stronger and healthier environment that benefits everyone. The KCSFE believes in, and advocates for, EDI for everyone and this will be taken in consideration during the evaluation process for all applicants based on the individual merits of their applications.


  • Volunteerism/community leadership activities:
    • This year, volunteering and leadership activities will be mainly considered for evaluation. This means, extracurricular activities other than those showing outstanding achievement supported by newspaper/journal articles about your extracurricular activities or performance, records of prizes from competitions, etc. will not be considered. For example, participation in sports, school band activities, internships, or work experience will not be evaluated.
    • The evaluation period is only one year following September 2019.
    • Volunteer experiences need to be supported by referee(s). If a referee’s contact information (referee’s name, referee’s organization email address, referee’s phone number) cannot be provided, a self-explanatory volunteer experience essay must be submitted for each activity for consideration. Attach any volunteer related documents, such as volunteer certificates, if you have them. Otherwise they will not be considered for evaluation.
  • Reference Letter(s): KCSFE will directly contact referee(s). The referee(s) must complete and submit their reference letter(s) online according to the instructions that will be emailed to them by KCSFE. Reference letter(s) submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.


The deadline for the 2020 KCSFE scholarship application is TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 AT 11:59 P.M. (MT). Applicants must submit their fully completed application ONLINE by the deadline. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Note: A Google account (i.e. Gmail) is required for some of the features of the online application form. University of Alberta students may use their institutional (@ualberta.ca) Google accounts. If you need more information and help in completing the application form, please contact KCSFE (kcsfe.scholarship@gmail.com) for assistance.


Applicants must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or an international student;
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at a senior high school (grades 10-12), university/college (undergraduate) or graduate school (master’s or doctoral degree program);
  • Reside (or have parents who reside) in Edmonton or the surrounding area (Red Deer and above area of Alberta);
  • Meet the minimum GPA requirement (for Academic Excellence Category Application only); AND
  • Have fewer than two scholarships awarded during high school (as a high school student) or during university/college (as a university/college student), or no previous scholarship award during graduate school (as a graduate student).

Minimum GPA

  • Academic excellence category:
  • High school students – A minimum GPA of 75% for their most recently completed school year.
  • University/College students – A minimum GPA of 3.0 (or B) for their most recently completed academic year.
  • Other categories:
  • No minimum GPA is required but applicant’s GPA will be considered by the selection committee to judge applicant’s academic performance.

Note that meeting the minimum GPA requirement does not guarantee a scholarship award.

Note that the KCSFE scholarship award does not have any restrictions for holding other scholarship(s), but receiving the KCSFE scholarship may restrict your future scholarship application(s) where they do not allow the recipient to hold multiple scholarships. If you choose to receive another scholarship that cannot be held concurrently with any other scholarship awards, please inform KCSFE of your decision as soon as possible so that KCSFE can provide the scholarship to another applicant. 


The values of the Scholarship awards at each level of education are as follows:

  • $750 for high school students
  • $1,500 for university/college students
  • $2,000 for graduate students

Note that previous KCSFE scholarship recipients may apply again. Applicants can receive scholarship awards up to a maximum of five times: two times during high school, two times during university/college, and one time during graduate school.


♦ High School and University/College Students

Note: High school and university/college students may apply for ANY BUT NO MORE THAN ONE of the following scholarship award categories:

  • Academic Excellence: Awardees§ will be selected based on the applicant’s academic performance (80%) and volunteerism/community leadership (20%).
  • Arts & Sports: Awardees will be selected on the basis of academic performance (20%) and artistic/athletic ability or potential (80%).
  • Volunteerism/Community Leadership: Awardees will be selected based on the applicant’s volunteerism/community leadership (80%) and academic performance (20%).
  • Bursary: Awardees will be selected based on the applicant’s significant financial needs.
  • Graduate Students: Awardees will be selected based on the applicant’s academic performance (50%) and essay (50%).

Note: There is no subcategory for graduate students for 2020. However, special situations such as significant financial needs will also be considered. In this case, please submit reference letter(s) from an arm’s-length, attesting to the applicant’s current financial circumstances a copy of the applicant and/or parent(s)’ Notice of Assessment for the most recent tax year, and a cover letter that self-explaining the applicant’s financial needs.