Question 1: Where do my academic organization send my transcript? I doubt whether it will be delivered before the deadline. 

Answer: As clearly mentioned in the KCSFE scholarship application guidelines, your official transcript must be mailed by your academic organization directly to the KCSFE mailing address as shown below. Please note that if your transcript is mailed by yourself or is not mailed by the deadline, then it will not be transferred to the evaluation committee and your application will be disqualified. Please make arrangements to have it sent as early as possible as processing may take over a month, especially for first-time high school applicants. The mailing address is:

The Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation of Edmonton
PO Box 88033 Rabbit Hill Post Office
Edmonton, AB T6R 0M5

Question 2: I graduated from a high school in another province. How can I arrange a transcript to be mailed to KCSFE?

 Answer: Please make arrangement for your high school transcript to be mailed on your behalf directly to the KCSFE mailing address via your provincial education website. For example, if it is British Columbia, then please see the link: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/education-training/k-12/support/transcripts-and-certificates.

Question 3: I have a fair amount of volunteering activities that are not supported by referees unfortunately. Is there any other way to include them in my application?

 Answer: When referee(s)’ contact information (name, organization email address, phone number) cannot be provided, a self-explanatory volunteer experience essay can be submitted for each activity for consideration. Attach volunteer related documents, such as volunteer certificates, if you have them. In your essay, please include the information on the organization you volunteered for, and describe your roles and what you accomplished and learned. Also, feel free to include any stories and experiences you want to share. However, the KCSFE scholarship committee strongly recommends providing the referee(s)’ contact information.

Question 4: Could KCSFE confirm whether or not my academic transcript and reference letters were successfully received?

 Answer: Because of a large number of incoming applications, we would not be able to individually confirm a receipt of each document. Your referees will receive a confirmation email when a reference letter is submitted. Regarding your transcript, it should reach us on time if you arranged it promptly.

Question 5: I submitted my application through Google online form, and I noticed that there was a mistake. How can I change or update my submitted application?

 Answer: Unfortunately, changes cannot be made once the application has been submitted. The only way we can help you is by deleting your submitted application so that you can re-submit the updated one. Please let us know ASAP if you would like to withdraw your submitted application. Please note that applications with incorrect information or duplication will be disqualified.

Question 6: Can you explain the selection process for scholarship recipients?

 Answer: Every year, a scholarship selection committee is organized within KCSFE to review scholarship applications. The committee is normally composed of 5 – 7 volunteering directors from KCSFE and at least one external reviewer. Having an external reviewer(s) in the selection committee ensures that the selection process is fair to all applicants. All applications are received by the president, who first deletes all personal identifying information and then passes on the sanitized documents to the selection committee. The selection committee members then review the applications based solely on their submitted merits to eliminate any potential bias. This is similar to a blind test which ensures that the review process is fair and equal to all applicants. The evaluation results from each reviewer are collected, combined, and then ranked. The selection of the scholarship recipients is made after the final adjustment meeting.

Question 7: Can I claim extracurricular activities for volunteering?

 Answer: This year, volunteering and leadership activities will be mainly considered for evaluation. This means, extracurricular activities other than those showing outstanding achievement supported by newspaper/journal articles about your extracurricular activities or performance, records of prizes from competitions, etc. will not be considered. For example, participation in sports, school band activities, internships, or work experience will not be evaluated. Please note that all volunteering and leadership activities should be supported by reference letters. It is your responsibility to remind your referees of the reference letter submission deadline; reference letters submitted after the application deadline will not be accepted.

Question 8: How can I start volunteering activities?

Answer: Though seemingly daunting, looking for volunteer opportunities is easier than you think. A simple internet search would provide a myriad of ways to become involved in volunteer activities in your local community or even for international efforts. Places like hospitals and care homes in your community may provide numerous volunteer opportunities. You can also check museums, art galleries, recreation centres, and charity organizations (e.g. Food Banks, Hope Mission, The Mustard Seed, Big Brothers Big Sisters, etc.) for openings depending on where your passion lies. Most of such facilities and organizations have volunteer coordinators, who can support and guide your initiatives. We recommend that you start looking for these opportunities, if you have not already done so, for not only the scholarship application but also the promotion of personal growth and community involvement.